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Plan Your Visit

Saturdays at 9:45am and 11:00am

We offer in-person Sabbath Schools for all ages beginning at 9:45am. The worship service starts at 11am.

What Will Happen When I Visit?

When you get here, you will be greeted by one of our hosts who will help you find a Bible class or seat in the auditorium. If you are visiting for the first time, we will not embarrass you, have you stand up and greet a bunch of people you’ve never met before, or ask you to give money. We know that many people want to check out the church and that’s fine with us! Come in, enjoy the atmosphere, and see if this is the church for you.

How Should I Dress?

We believe that what you have to wear shouldn’t be a barrier to worshipping our Creator and Savior. You will find a casual, comfortable atmosphere where you will fit in whether you are in jeans or Dressed to the Nines.

What Is The Worship Experience Like At University City Seventh-day Adventist Church?

Each service is designed to create an atmosphere in which people can be led by the Holy Spirit into an encounter with God. We follow a simplified contemporary flow, beginning with primarily contemporary music along with hymns done using modern arrangements played by a live band. At University City Seventh-day Adventist Church we are a family, so there will be an opportunity to share praises or prayer requests. You will then hear a message based on the Bible. We hope that through our worship experience together we can meet you where you are and provide a way to grow together.

What About My Kids, What Do You Have For Them?

On Saturday mornings at 9:45am we break into Bible study classes, called Sabbath School, for all ages from birth to adult. Kids are welcomed as part of the regular congregational worship service.

Do You Have Any Accomodations For Families With Young Kids Or Nursing Mothers?

During the Saturday 11:00am congregational service, parents are encouraged to use the training room on the left-hand side of the auditorium to help transition younger kids to corporate worship. We also have a room on the right-side of the auditorium for nursing mothers that is quiet and has comfortable seating and privacy. Whether or not you use the training room or nursing room, you will still have full a view of the main auditorium so you can still take part in the worship experience.